Personal Information:
Prof. Lourens Du Plessis
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa
Department of Public Law University of Stellenbosch Private Bag X1 Matieland 7602
Phone/Fax: +27 21 808 3195 / +27 21 883 9656

Spoken languages: Afrikaans, English, German

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Faculty of law, University of Stellenbosch Strategic Researsch and Outreach Initiative:  Combating Poverty, Homelessness and Socio-economic Disadvantage under the Constitution

Membership Affiliation

1999 – Vice-chair and member, Board of Directors, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.

1993 – Convenor, Technical Committee on Fundamental Rights during the Transition at the Multi-Party Negotiating Process.  The Committee was responsible for drafting South Africa's first Bill of Rights.

Society of University Teachers of Law:  member, Vice-president 1993 1994, President 1994 1996                         


Legal Philosophy.

Introduction to Law.

Interpretation of Statutes.

Constitutional Interpretation.

Comparative Constitutionalism.


2010  Beyond parochialism?  Transnational contextualisation in constitutional interpretation in South Africa (In Faure, Michael and Van der Walt, André (reds/eds) Globalisation and private law.  The way forward 2010 Cheltenam, UK / Northampton, MA, USA 263-319) ISBN 978 1 84844 760 8

2008 The South African Constitution as monument and memorial, and the commemoration of the dead (In Christensen, Ralph and Bodo Pieroth (reds/eds) Rechtstheorie in rechtspraktischer Absicht.  Freundesgabe zum 70. Geburtstag von Friedrich Müller Berlin Duncker & Humblot 189-205) ISBN 978-3-428-12590-6

2008  Interpretation  (In Woolman, Stuart, Theunis Roux, Jonathan Klaaren, Anthony Stein, Matthew Chaskalson and Michael Bishop (reds/eds) Constitutional Law of South Africa 2nd edition Original Service June 2008 Cape Town Juta / Pretoria Centre for Human Rights 32-1 – 32-193) ISBN 978-0-7021-7308-0

2006  “Subsidiarity”:  What’s in the name for constitutional interpretation and adjudication?  Stellenbosse Regstydskrif / Stellenbosch Law Review 17(2):  207-31

2008 Affirmation and celebration of the “religious Other” in South Africa’s constitutional jurisprudence on religious and related rights:  Memorial constitutionalism in action?  African Human Rights Law Journal 8(2):  376-408


2002  Re-interpretation of statutes Durban Butterworths (xxiii + 339pp) ISBN 0 409 02509 7                    

2002  Legal and constitutional means designed to facilitate the integration of diverse cultures in South Africa:  a provisional assessment Stellenbosse Regstydskrif / Stellenbosch Law Review 13(3):  367-87

2001  Freedom of or freedom from religion?  An overview of issues pertinent to the constitu-tional protection of religious rights and freedom in “the new South Africa” Brigham Young University Law Review 2001(2):  439-66


2000  (with Amanda Gouws) The relationship between political tolerance and religion: The case of South Africa Emory International Law Journal 14(2):  657-98

Fields of Interest
Freedom of conscience, religion and belief:
Construction/interpretation of rights pertaining to freedom of religion
Religion and human rights:
Religion and the rights to equality
Religious rights and constitutional interpretation
State and religions:
Church-state relations